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A property survey by a Registered Professional Surveyor is needed before land is transferred, subdivided, improved with construction, or in cases of boundary dispute caused by construction near a property line or by an unsurveyed tract division. When requesting that the Professional Surveyors at Cheney-Walters-Echols, Inc. perform a survey, consider what type of survey you may need.
  • Preliminary Survey - A collection of survey data on which to base a project design or final survey.

  • Boundary Survey - A survey to establish or re-establish a boundary line on the ground or to prepare a plat or written description for a deed. (Example)

  • Land Title Survey (ALTA/ACSM) - A survey of real property with a plat acceptable to a title insurance company for the purpose of insuring title free of any boundary questions not revealed in the plat. (Example)

  • Topographic Survey - a survey to determine and portray the vertical and horizontal configurations of the ground together with the location of significant objects.

  • Site Planning Survey - A combination boundary and topographic survey for use in designing improvements for the development of land. (Example)

  • Subdivision Survey - A division of a tract of land into individual lots or homesites with provision for street rights-of-way, easements, parks and other related land uses.

  • Construction Survey - A layout on the ground of buildings or other improvements to enable a contractor to build at the location specified on the plans.
Land Measure Reference Guide:
7.92 inches = 1 link
25 links = 1 rod
16.5 feet = 1 rod
100 links = 1 chain
66 feet = 1 chain
4 rods = 1 chain
80 chains = 1 mile
320 rods = 1 mile
5,280 feet = 1 mile
10 sq. chains = 1 acre
160 sq. rods = 1 acre
43,560 sq. feet = 1 acre
208.7' x 208.7' = 1 sq. acre
640 acres = 1 sq. mile
1 sq. mile = 1 section
36 sections (6x6) = 1 township